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The specification button is used to change this to the right specification, for example the range you are interested in. IMPORTING DATA - CAR VECTOR. Once you have chosen a car model and specifications then you need to import some information about the car. DATA IMPORT. On the left is where you import your vehicle's model information. This is very important and should not be missing. The left of the screen shows a list of the data you can import. Each data set is shown with its characteristics, for example the engine size and number of doors. The information in the boxes can be read through the bottom left of the screen. GEOMETRY MATCHING. Once you have imported the data you need, you can now start to calculate the geometry of the car. You can then make any necessary adjustments in the viewport on the right. You can also add new features to the car using the toolbox. VIEWPORT CURRENT. In the lower left of the screen, the current viewport is shown. The viewport shows the entire vehicle in its current viewing size. There are four main viewing sizes available, these are: Very wide, 100cm wide, Very tall and Tall. All sizes are shown on the right, so you can compare them. You can also click on the different viewports on the right to switch between them. The best viewing size will depend on the type of measurement you are performing. The wide size is normally recommended for caliper measurement and such but the tall size is recommended for an easier view. The very wide size is normally only recommended for calculating with the software and not for measuring, as you can't see as far out as you can with the very tall viewport. VIEWPORT SELECTION. From the viewport selection area on the right of the screen, you can change between the viewports. If you click on the button which says New, then you can click on the different viewports and the car will be displayed in the viewport that you have selected. You can select the different viewports in the following order: Very wide, 100cm wide, Very tall and Tall. VIEWPORT CONTROL. From the viewport control area on the right of the screen, you can change between the viewports by pressing the different buttons. TESTING. Once you have saved your viewport, you can now start the measurement. You can choose how many measurement points you want to use, for

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